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It takes a few but dedicated group of people to keep BMR Magazine running to provide you with all the content. Here is a peek at our staff

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AL J. Vermette

Publisher / Writer

Born in Queens, NY, AL is the creator of Blood Moon Rising Magazine since 2000. He also runs the Facebook group, Saturday Night Chillers as a horror movie based group. AL J. Vermette is also author of numerous novels such as the Aurora Constantine assassin series, the Devil Star series and two offs, She Lives On Blood and Krampus vs The Wendigo. He has also conducted lectures on writing, magazine publishing and the history of Halloween. AL has also created and hosted the event, The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction 2008-2013 as well as lectures and panels for Extreme Halloween 2015 and The Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his 4 casts: Pumpkin, Tigger, Jessie, and Mickey.


D.W. Jones

Editor / Webmaster / Writer

D.W. started as a writer of short stories in the early days for the beginning issues of Blood Moon Rising Magazine. Shortly he moved on to the magazine’s book reviewer and still looking to make a bigger impact with the magazine. His chance came when the economic crash happened in 2008 and the magazine went online. From that event, he took the role of editor and webmaster and the rest is history. D.W. occasionally does interviews, articles and movie reviews when he doesn’t feel like he has enough work. He currently lives in New York battling the dangerous subways to his day job and comes home to his family at night to decompress.

Dark Soul


Dark Soul has been associated with the magazine since day one as a writer long with being its acting moscot. Since joining Blood Moon Rising, Dark Soul has become the magazine's spokesperson and horror convention emissary. He is the host of both BMR's Facebook projects, Saturday Night Chillers and Dark Soul's Project Horror Host along with being the on stage host of BMR's yearly Halloween show, Blood Fest. As a writer, Dark Soul is the movie reviewer for BMR in Graveyard Cinema and also for Nightmare News. Dark Soul was born in London, England and is said to be a dircet descendant of Jack The Ripper.


William Henry Pratt


A horror fan all his life, William was named after his father's hero, Boris Karloff and editor over the years for Blood Moon Rising Magazine and helps out with such live BMR productions as Blood Fest and The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction. Born in New York City, where BMR is based, William helped launch the magazine in 2000. His love of horror, science fiction and Halloween started as a young boy and has only grown over the years. he is a home haunted, father and the grandfather of triplet boys and a girl.


Kraven the She Wolf


Kraven started as a writer for the BMR spinoff publication, Werewolf Magazine in 2004, and has since moved to writing for Blood Moon Rising Magazine is 2011. She is the writer of the Terror Tube department where she talks about current and previous horror TV shorws. Kraven is from Louisville, Ky where she lives with her werewolf husband and their two cubs, Bela and Lon. Kraven's love of horror started as a little girl when watching the Universal Monsters on the late show with The Wolfman being her most beloved. Kraven hits most of the horror and sci/fi conventions always on the lookout for new horror memorabilia and has a full set of the Aurora Monster model kits from the 60's and 70's.


Michael Corvin


Michael has always been a fan of horror movies and Halloween since age 4 when he was first taken trick or treating around the neighbor. Michael became a BMR writer in 2013 with his department Making Monsters: Spotlight on Hollywood Makeup Artists. His love of horror and monsters grew from watching movies like The Howling and An American Werewolf in London as a child where he became interested in creature makeup and effects. Michael lives in Orlando, FL where he attends the Universal Horror Nights each year and dresses in costume to scare children on Halloween night.


Rose Titus


Rose Titus exists somewhere in cold, dreary New England, with two manipulative cats and a very out of date Macintosh with which she creates horror and fantasy fiction. She also has a restored classic car to ride around while in search of adventure.


For travel she has stayed for the night in an allegedly haunted castle, has taken a boat ride on Loch Ness, and has visited the fabled Bermuda Triangle without getting lost.


Her work has previously appeared in Lost Worlds, Lynx Eye, Bog Gob, Mausoleum, Midnight Times, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, The Bugle, Weird Terrain, Descend, Wicked Wheels, Carnival of Aces, The Dead River Review, Fortean Times, and other literary magazines. Her novella Night Home, her novels After Dark and All the Way to the Moon, and her collection of short stories Key 13 have been published with Hypothesis Press and are available on Amazon.


When she’s not writing or messing around with her old Buick, she waits by her mailbox for the next issue of Fortean Times to arrive.


Sinister Sketch

Artistic Design

Sinister Sketch has been a behind the scenes assistant to Blood Moon Rising Magazine for many years. Being taught in the dark side of life, he has helped with the artistic side of the magazine revamping the BMR logo, maiking videos developing artwork for possible merchandise for our store. He has assisted in the BMR event, Blood Fest, and has been the photographer, and even a participant in the show. Let's hope we don't push him too far over the dark side.

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