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Welcome to Blood Moon Rising Magazine new home.  Our website will start small but we plan to expand from what we had and become bigger and better over the next couple of months. So keep coming back to see what we come up with to make your experience even better than ever!


What's new in the BMR Universe                                                         9/13/2023

Our store is finally opened.  It took a bit of time but we are open for business.  At the present time, we only have a few items for sale, which include past issue of Blood Moon Rising Magazine and it's sister publication, Werewolf Magazine Reborn.  Over the next several weeks, we will be adding to the store with more past issues of Blood Moon Rising Magazine and we are looking into other types of merchandise.  So click on the Shop button and and check it out!

Today our newest Blood Moon Rising Magazine Issue #93 is out and ready for your enjoyment.  This Halloween issue has a lot of fantastic items in it.  There are the Special Features of Clash of the Slashers: Freddy vs Jason on its 20th Anniversary.  Then we have interviews with John the Haunt Informer and Doc Dread of Doc Dread Reviews.  Also we have the Terror Tube look at The Walking Dead: Dead City.  Not only these but the rest of our regular depts. along with fiction and dark poetry. So click on the menu above on the the right, select BMR Magazine Issue #93 and enjoy!


If you are on Facebook, check out our page for any updates regarding our site, magazine or upcoming events.  Click on the following link to get to our facebook page:

Looking to submit a short story, poems, artwork or article?  Maybe a suggestion or question for the BMR staff?  Well along with the new website home, we have a new email address that you can contact us.  It is So drop us a line and we look forward to hearing from you!

Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine is prepping for our 20th year of doing Blood Fest.  We're going to have bands, mini haunted house, costume and scream contest and much, much more!  Click on the Events page and get the details!  We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Check out this new album from Lord of Horns called The Forest at Dusk. Click on the ad and you will be directed to the website to find out more detail and how to buy the album.

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